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UNAXYS Digital Agency Nearshoring Services

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The Silicon Valley of Latin America.

Costa Rica Nearshoring & Outsourcing

Why Nearshoring to Costa Rica

Intel, Microsoft, Accenture, HP, IBM, Citrix, Infosys, Cisco System, Amazon, Salesforce and some more can't be wrong why they choose Costa Rica as an ideal location for tech companies. Costa Rica today hosts many of the top 100 companies in IT globally and is referred by experts as the Silicon Valley of Latin America.

The high availability of digitally savy, creative and innovative employees has made Costa Rica a digital epicenter in Latin America that has established itself as a leading solution for nearshoring and outsourcing. Software development, data analysis, cloud services, cyber security, UX/UI design, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Bigdata, Front and Backend development as well as research and development processes are just a few examples. Some other benefits are:

  • The time zone for US and Canada customers
  • English and Spanish speaking developers
  • Similar work culture to the US and Europe
  • Working with agile tools and methods
  • Lower labor costs for US, German and Swiss Customers
  • Very stable political environment
  • The Pura Vida culture
  • Sustainable country

Furthermore, the United States of America by the Biden-Harris Administration don't just put the "CHIPS and Science Act" plan into reality but also the "Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity" framework benefits other countries such Costa Rica with the "Center of Excellence Plan" from  helping develop a robust regional workforce in the digital technology sectors by educate individuals across the Americas including Costa Rica to work in the digital technology sectors of the future - including on semiconductors, cybersecurity, 5G, and artificial intelligence.

These are some reasons why Joe chose Costa Rica as a UNAXYS location.

Drupal Agency Services

Mapping a company architecture with desired processes in Drupal are often a complex tasks. The integration and maintenance of peripheral components into the core system, technical requirements and much more, require specialist knowledge and a lot of experience. With years of Drupal know-how and best practices, we can help you, so that existing or new Drupal projects contribute to your business success.

Our Drupal Expert Consulting Service may be useful to you, if you need advice or support for existing or new Drupal projects.

Drupal is a popular wcms framework to build versatile, structured content and deliver dynamic web experiences.

Upgrade to Drupal 10 now and ensure the reliable operation of your website for several years.

All CMS Systems require maintenance! In order for Drupal to perform optimally, it requires regular maintenance and support.

We are there, if you need help! With our dedicated Drupal support and maintenance SLAs, you don't have to worry.

Data Center & Webhosting

If there are missing web services for the implementation of your digital strategy, we offer first class webhosting that can help you implement your digital strategy on the web, because we have more than 25 years experience with Webhosting Services.

Our powerful shared webhosting services for small businesses exactly meet your needs for your budget.

With VPS Cloud Servers, you not just get a hosting plan, we offer world-class VPS Cloud Server solutions at affordable pricing.

Dedicated servers ensures lightning-fast connections with unmatched reliability and boasting 100% uptime.

Digital Marketing

In collaboration with our US Marketing Professional Partner, we offer a tailored approach to each business. Because we know, every customer has a different brand and needs a different strategy.

Explore some key reasons why consulting a digital marketing expert might be a good idea for you and your business.

Below we explore some key reasons why a Digital Marketing Strategy be a good idea for you and your business.

No matter wich platforms you want to run your campaign on, they all have soemthing in common.

The process of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all Digital Marketing activities.

How we do marketing reporting and why it is so important.


We at UNAXYS Costa Rica SRL are a team of digital natives and certified professionals with years of experience that offers you first-class 24/7/365 services for drupal projects, cloud and web hosting as well as digital marketing.

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