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Drupal 7/8/9/10 Migration

Why migrate to the last version of Drupal?

Upgrade to Drupal 10 now and ensure the reliable operation of your website for several years, because bugs and errors have a negative impact on the quality of your website, make technical support more difficult and thus incur unnecessary additional costs. In addition, Drupal 10 with the Symfony 6 framework will remain current at least until 2026 before the next Symfony major version is released.

Challenges of Drupal Migration

Getting a new website is great, but nothing can be more damaging to a brand than a bad website migration. One of the constant challenges that companies often face is migrating their website easily and with significantly less effort and this is often not as easy as it seems. We at UNAXYS have the necessary experience to avoid such mistakes.

Drupal, with its robust content creation tool, efficient workflows and endless scalability options, is one of the most powerful content management systems in the digital ecosystem and in many cases ideal to migrating a third-party project or platform to Drupal.

Likewise if you migrating to a new Drupal version with module and plugin updates, data eport/import, expanded website structure, new assets and sitemap or change your hosting provider, there are many steps to ensure functionality, SEO visibility, UI/UX design and much more.

The complexity of website migration depends on factors like your website’s platform and size and the extent of customization. While it may require some effort, of course the process is manageable with detailed and proper planning.


We unlock the Challenges of Drupal Migration

Our clients benefit from our experience developers with the latest technologies to improve the user experience with new versions of Drupal Core, PHP, Symfony, Composer, Modules and Themes and also know how to solve issues with blocked IPs, views, node translations and much more.


We at UNAXYS Costa Rica SRL are a team of digital natives and certified professionals with years of experience that offers you first-class 24/7/365 services for drupal projects, cloud and web hosting as well as digital marketing.

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