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Drupal Development

22 years of Drupal speak for themselves

Drupal is a popular and customizable content management framework to build versatile, structured content and deliver dynamic web experiences. Drupal is also an advanced digital experience platform (DXP) with capabilities for content management, personalization, customer journey mapping and customer data management for simple websites or complex web applications. It includes thousands of modules and themes to attract web audiences, grow brand awareness and build a community. Besides, with a user-friendly interface and a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, Drupal makes content creation and management very easy for your editors and staff members.

Drupal is particularly popular among SMEs which has a certain budget for development and maintenance. Well-known authorities, universities, companies and brands that rely on Drupal includes New York State, City of Los Angeles, Stanford University, Tesla Motors, Nokia, General Electric, Novartis, Walt Disney  and much more.

If you are considering using our preferred Content Management Framework, you will surely want to get to know it better. Read on here to discover any of the Drupal's features:

Modules, Plugins, Blocks and Views
If you want we add new features to your Drupal project, we have plenty of options with modules and plugins with which basic functions of Drupal are extended. Modules and plugins can improve existing functions or add completely new ones. There are over 50,000 such extensions in the official Drupal repository. As one of the key modules we use Views. Thanks to Views, we can enter a database query and, for example, easily create a subpage with data or a block and place it on any subpage. In addition, we can also modify blocks so that the content they contain changes depending on the category.

Layout Flexibility

Drupal offers many options for creating layouts and themes. For example with a layout builder, we build intuitively custom responsive layouts and unique content for you by simply using the drag and drop functionality. This will ensure your site is exactly how you wanted it to be. In addition with a layout builder we create an unlimited number of template variations similar to a widget interface. We can import/export rows, page builder sections, copy elements and layouts from different pages or put individual blocks and views into the layout. The feature of changing the website’s layout allows us to customize the layout of your Drupal website at any time by simply creat individual Drupal Blocks or move one to the desired position. If you want to adjust your page and you have a particular theme in mind, you will surely find something that suits your needs.

Individual UI/UX designs

For the enterprise user experience sector we are happy to develop individual UI/UX designs that are tailored exact to your corporate branding and design.

Multi-language support
Drupal supports more then 100 languages, providing translations for user interfaces, basic content, webform and much more. Therefore we can add your desired translations. Drupal's automated language translation​ allows us to reach different audiences with localized content, no CMS offers better multilingual capabilities.

Search Engine Optimization
Thanks to many built-in tools, including managing keywords, creating metatags, or generating sitemaps, Drupal lets us effortlessly take care of your search engine strategy and positioning.

The Drupal security features are regularly updated and will be implemented by us immediately in accordance with your service level agreement. Moreover, the Drupal system has built-in protection from brute-force or cross-site scripting attacks.

Managing workflows
Drupal has robust tools for defining workflows and managing content changes, allowing for a smooth review process.

Scalability and Efficiency
Drupal's efficiency is legendary. Regardless of whether your website is visited regularly or experiences significant traffic spikes from time to time, caching features ensure fast loading times. Drupal's scalability allows it to process large amounts of content, making the CMS ideal for large and content-rich websites.

Advanced API Support
Thanks to integrated web services, Drupal can act as a headless CMS for mobile apps, shared frontends, and other applications. Drupal supports various web protocols such as REST, JSON:API, GraphQL, etc. which makes it easier to connect and interact with various systems and applications when a lot of data is required. Thanks to API support, Drupal is also a perfect platform for building feature-rich applications and allows us to extend and manage them according to your needs. With it we can create dynamically generated content, launch mobile applications and synchronize this data with Drupal servers or integrate Drupal into CRM or document management systems and much more.

With Drupal you can manage multiple websites from one instance, regardless of whether the websites have the same layout and structure or are independent of each other. This feature can be very helpful for companies that manage multiple websites. This feature can be used in two ways, on the one hand as a classic multisite or multi-domain website.

Extensive User Management
The core function of Drupal includes professional user management. This is able to manage users individually and grant permissions. The user management of the Drupal platform offers many useful features:

Drupal supports user permissions and allows administrators to define access levels and functionality for different user roles where user accounts can be created in different ways. On the one hand, by the users themselves, if they have the authorization, and then by editors or admins. User roles can be configured with an expiration date, allowing for example the provision of content only available to subscribers, or user profile fields can be customized to capture additional information during the registration process. Drupal offers user authentication and password management features, including password reset and account recovery, integrated with multi-factor authentication.

By dedicated servers or Aquia instances, automation is done through the use of composer and drush tools. In addition to software distribution (deployment), the availability of a product for example is recognized from 0 to 10 Then customers who are interested in purchasing this product will be automatically informed by email.

With Drupal marketing automation modules you can create forms, such as webinar sign-ups or surveys, with the data collected then pushed to a marketing automation platform or with webform you can transmit your data direct to the HubSpot’s lead management system.

Or the Salesforce Suite module from Drupal supports integration with Salesforce by synchronizing Drupal entities like users, nodes, files etc. with Salesforce objects (contacts, organizations, opportunities etc.). It supports pushing Drupal data to Salesforce as well as pulling, or importing, Salesforce data into Drupal. Changes can be made in real time or asynchronously in batches during cron run.

Did you know? That about 1 billion emails are sent through MailChimp every day? MailChimp is an email marketing service through which you can send marketing and informational emails to your opted-in customers. Drupal also supports this feature.

We unlock the Power of Drupal

Our customers benefit from a strategic approach that, if requested, also includes market research, brand strategy, marketing planning and much more. We help companies, products and brands know how to increase online visibility and successfully implement this in Drupal projects.

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