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  • Brand Awareness

    Increase Your Brand Awareness

    It's no secret that brands have largely gone digital in recent years. We live in a digital age where people are more connected than ever and companies are using this to promote their brands digitally. But how do companies manage to effectively reach their customers digitally?

    In this article, we reveal the basics of digital marketing and how it can be used to increase brand awareness.

  • Business or Corporate Strategy

    Just do it or think about it?

    Usually, digital projects can only be implemented successfully if experienced specialists from different disciplines understand their craft. Digital processes or digital transformation only work if your business have a clear strategy. The implementation of a digital strategy often fails due to a lack of time resources, no existing budget, a lack of IT infrastructure, IT specialists or IT security.

  • Design Thinking

    Design thinking? What do you think of? Pictures of people playing with Sticky Notes, diagrams in a variety of colours, geometric shapes or exciting headlines that you found on the internet?

    Sticky Notes born out of an accident or coincidence in the 3M lab, came to market after many failed attempts and have since found their way into many fields, workplaces and in methods or processes such as Design Thinking, Design Sprint and User Storymapping around a few to name applications.


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