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Digital Marketing - Expert Consulting

Digital Marketing - Expert Consulting

Digital Marketing - Expert Consulting


Below we explore some key reasons why consulting a digital marketing expert might be a good idea for you and your business.

Define your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is about effectively defining and implementing a strategic approach. Since this is quite complicated and ambitious, many SMEs are not able to handle all of these tasks themselves. Many companies also do not realize that a successful digital marketing strategy cannot be implemented without significant investments. To achieve optimal results, budget, goals and growth must be aligned.

Technical barriers

An experienced marketing expert is well versed in SEO, AEO, SEM, SEA and all other online marketing techniques, including the parameters, tools, services and mathematical analysis that you may not know or may not be making the most of due to lack of expertise.

Visibility and quality traffic

Achieving good visibility and quality traffic on as many platforms as possible is not easy. Depending on the industry, product or target groups, it can be worth it in order to reach the people you want to reach. Display digital assets efficiently on as many channels as possible, you not only need a strategy, but also appropriate software, trained employees or a marketing agency that supports you with digital solutions.

Customer Engagement

Increasing traffic is one thing, another and even more important task is converting traffic into customers or clients. A digital marketing expert will help you find ways to keep your visitors interested and keep your products or services relevant and current on the web. Customer loyalty is a science in itself, with measurable benefits and specific return on investment ratios. It's about a long-term content strategy on all channels.

Brand Image

You may think you have a clear picture of what your company does, but if that picture isn't communicated through your branding, you'll lose customers. A plumber, for example, has to do with water and the color scheme is blue etc. Branding is all about your visual identity. From logos to special fonts and color schemes. Your branding approach determines how the public perceives you and your offerings. Branding also includes keywords and distinctive statements that clarify your business vision. You won't get far without good branding. Even Microsoft had to admit this after a branding fail with Windows Vista in 2007.

Competitors never sleeps

Due to busy daily business, many companies have no time to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy. Competitors will then take advantage of this situation, hand over the digital marketing strategy to an digital marketing agency. Then your company  will fall behind in terms of visibility on the web and will not get out of this disadvantage so quickly. However, customer focus is still the first strategy.

Analytics and Reporting

Digital marketing professionals are proficient in math and numbers, and Digital Marketing Expert Consulting can help you understand the statistics from Google Analytics, Semrush, SISTRIX, ahrefs and other tools that, when used correctly, can give you full control of your marketing and branding destiny.

Digital Marketing Expert Consulting


We at UNAXYS Costa Rica SRL are a team of digital natives and certified professionals with years of experience that offers you first-class 24/7/365 services for drupal projects, cloud and web hosting as well as digital marketing.

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